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Woman, 48, dies of swine flu
A 48-year-old Bahraini woman yesterday became the sixth patient to die from the H1N1 virus in the kingdom.
Ministry of Health recorded fifth event of the death for a woman with swine flu
The Ministry of Health yesterday (Monday), recorded the fifth death caused by the virus (H1N1) that known as swine flu disease of a Bahraini woman her age is 51 years, raising the number of recorded cases to five cases end up with death in the Kingdom of Bahrain since the disease first reported in May 2009.
Prescribed anti-H1N1at private clinics will be done through Salmaniya's pharmacy
Tamiflu, anti-virus H1N1, known disease of swine influenza, for patients from private clinics and hospitals, will be made through Salmaniya Medical Complex's pharmacy
Bahrain Nursing Society and Civil Associations Celebrate to Support Gaza
Bahrain Nursing Society, led by the cooperation and support from civil society organizations and the presence of the Ambassador of the State of Palestine Professor / Ahmed Ramadan, His Excellency Deputy / Jalal Fairuz and heads of professional associations and women's trade union and human rights held a ceremony to mark Eid al-Fitr in support of parents and children of Gaza
The Emergency Department crying his young staff nurse Layla after her death
Severe grief to the nursing staff, medical and all those working in accident and emergency department after hearing the news of the death of the young nurse colleague Layla Abdullah Nimah, which has died on Friday afternoon 25/9/2009
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Naeema Al-Qaidoom, RN, BSN                                 Safyia Idrabooh, RN, AD

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FLU HITS SCHOOLS Published on 2009-10-07
Two high school students have fallen victim to swine flu only days after their return to classrooms. The Education Ministry yesterday announced the two cases.

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